Massage 1 EGG HUNT!

Massage 1 EGG HUNT!


In honor of The Spring Holidays and the Celebration of a New Season, we are hosting our first annual Massage 1 EGG HUNT!

Guests who come in for a scheduled appointment on April 6, 7, or 8th will have an opportunity to hunt around the clinic in search of lots of great deals!

If you find an egg during your visit, please bring it up to the front desk at check out to redeem your prize!

Prizes will consist of free-add ons, discount coupons, etc.

Restrictions apply:

  • April 6th-8th 2023
  • You must have a scheduled appointment for one of these days (same day appointments are allowed)
  • Limit on prize per session
  • For safety reasons: Please stay out of restricted areas