Membership Information

Completely Optional • Our Signature Pricing Is Still Always $79.99

Our Membership Program is Back!

We're revolutionizing the industry AGAIN with our new on-demand membership program.
No pre-paid benefits. No automatic monthly charges.
Just a flat fee of $19.99 at checkout for 1 month of membership discounts.

Optional Memberships Are Now Available. 1 Hour Massages as low as $59.99!

Based on client requests, an optional membership program is now available. Sign up at checkout and get discounts for the next 30 days!

Designed for clients who come multiple times per month.


Fully optional. Non-members pay the same as our monthly member rates.


Never be locked into anything. Our membership program is on demand.


You decide when you'll be charged. You decide when you get discounts.


Signup at checkout to get massages as low as $59.99 for the rest of the month.

Frequent Client Discounts

Pay just $59.99 for a weekday 1 hour massage with your membership discount. Weekend visits are also eligible for $69.99.

30 Days of Discounts

Your discounts are valid for all future massages booked in the next 30 days. Your first massage will be charged at full price on the day you signup.

No Ongoing Monthly Fees

Unlike our competitors, we never lock you into a contract. Memberships are on demand. Only sign up when you'll be able to use it.

Optimized for You

Can't come in one month? No problem! You won't be charged when you don't come in. No more worrying about wasted pre-paid charges.

Membership Program

You asked for it and we have delivered! Massage 1 created our membership program to meet the demands of our clients who wanted to get massage on a more regular basis. We listened to client feedback and created a program that would give benefits similar to our competitors but would still not require clients to commit to any long term contracts. This club is specifically tailored for clients who come at least once a month, and offers discounts for those who come more often.

Our new membership program blows our competitors away! You are now in full control of your membership. You only signup and pay when its convenient for you. You’re never locked into automatic charges or having to cancel and lose your perks. If you get massage about once a month or less, this program is probably not for you. But for those who come in more than once a month, it does offer some nice perks that you’ll be able to take advantage of.

Pay a flat rate of $19.99 anytime you checkout to begin your enrollment. From that point on, all additional massages you receive for the next 30 days will then be discounted! All weekday 1 hour massages are discounted to $59.99, and weekend 1 hour massages are just $69.99. Please refer to the pricing chart on the right for a full list of all membership massage pricing.

Joining our membership program is completely optional. We do not force our clients to sign up for a membership to enjoy our signature low rates. The program was created because of client demand, and is meant as an optional benefit for clients who choose to use it. While other businesses pressure their clients to join their program or pay outrageous costs, members pay the same rate that non-members pay anytime. We will never require memberships to take advantage of our signature low prices.

Common questions and answers about our membership program can be viewed below. Please contact us if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Membership Pricing

Clients pay full price for their first massage of the month + a $19.99 membership fee. Additional visits over the next 30 days are then discounted.

— A flat fee of $19.99 is required to sign up —




Enrollment & Billing F.A.Q.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up in person at any Massage 1 location. You can ONLY signup at checkout with any full price 1 hour massage or longer. You cannot join the membership program as a walk-in, only after your visit. You must pay full price the day you signup and you cannot receive any membership discounts on the day that you signup.

Are there any signup fees? When will my membership take effect?
There is a flat fee of $19.99 to sign up for the membership. After checkout, this fee grants you discounts on all future massages for the next 30 days. The soonest you can take advantage of your membership discount is the following day, as you won’t receive discounts on the day you signup.

Can’t I just signup before my massage?
No. Unfortunately we only allow signups during checkout of a full price massage.

Once I’m enrolled, how will I pay?
Once you’re enrolled, you’re done. There will be no more payments or charges you need to worry about. Just pay your discounted massage rate for the rest of the month whenever you visit. Once your membership expires, you can sign up again for another month if you choose. 

How often can I use my membership discount?
Once a day maximum. You can only receive one discount per day. In addition, you cannot receive multiple discounts by splitting a session up (for example, booking two 1 hour massages instead of a 2 hour massage).

What are the prices for specialty massages?
Specialty massages are a flat $20 additional fee for all clients and members.

How do I cancel?
Since memberships are now on demand with no ongoing monthly fees, there’s no need to cancel. Your membership will automatically expire 30 days after you signup. You’re only charged one time on the day you signup. Once that charge is made, it cannot be refunded for any reason, so you should only signup when you are sure you can make active use of your membership.

General F.A.Q.

Can I share my benefits? Do you have a family membership?
Each person must sign up individually to receive membership discounts. You cannot share your membership discounts with others. We do not offer family memberships or discounts but may offer this option in the future.

Are there any additional benefits to joining?
Besides the discount available when you get multiple massages in a month, our membership program does not offer additional benefits at this time.

Why are weekday massages cheaper?
We offer a reduced rate for weekday massages to help fill our therapists’ schedules. Since weekdays are generally a little slower than weekends, we offer an additional incentive to clients that come on those days.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?
Nothing major, although there are some restrictions for members that regular clients do not have. For example, members earn rewards points at a reduced rate. In addition, members may be charged immediately for same day cancellations and no shows. Other restrictions may apply and our membership program may chance at anytime.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch. If you are familiar with our business, you know we are all about honesty with our clients. The membership program is simply a way for clients who come more than once a month to receive a slight discount and benefits on our services. Discontinue your membership anytime and there are no penalties whatsoever.

I thought Massage 1 was anti-membership?
Massage 1 has always been against forcing our clients to sign up for a membership to be eligible for our low prices. We still are! However, we also received many requests from clients that actually wanted a membership option that would allow them to come more often at a discount. We decided that an optional membership program was the best way to offer a fair solution to all our clients. Nothing is changing at all for regular clients who can still come anytime and receive our signature low pricing.