Company History

Massage 1 was founded in 2012 to provide Las Vegas and Henderson with the ultimate massage care experience. We wanted to provide better service and value than our competitors and designed our name to reflect our three core values: 1 Hour Massage. 1 Low Price. 1 Relaxing Experience. One of the many complaints our clients have about the competition is how they advertise a one hour massage “session” that really only includes 50 minutes of massage therapy. Our first value is giving our clients what they paid for. All of our 1 hour massages include 60 full minutes of hands on massage therapy.

The next important value we were founded upon is providing 1 low price to all of our clients without the need to sign up for any kind of membership. This allows our clients to schedule a massage when they feel the need for one, not because they have already been charged. Many of our competitors require memberships that not only pressure the client to sign up, but also make them feel stuck with substandard massage therapists and ongoing monthly fees. At Massage 1, memberships are completely optional. All of our clients have the freedom to decide when they would like a massage and schedule it anytime that it is convenient for them.

The overall goal of Massage 1 is to provide our clients with 1 relaxing experience. Customer service is our top priority. We always want to make our clients happy. Unlike our competitors, our massage therapists and staff are not undercover sales associates. Clients are never pressured to buy or sign up for anything at Massage 1. The goal of our entire staff is to ensure that you have a relaxing experience from start to finish. For more information about us and the benefits we offer, please visit our Why Choose Us page. Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you at Massage 1!