Rosie M.

Northwest Career College 2018
Rosie loves being able to provide others with self-confidence and became a massage therapist to do just that. She enjoys working with clients to improve their self care routine and help them feel like their best self.
Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone
Prenatal, Hot Stone, Abdominal

Kim J.

Nevada Career Institute 2006
Kim had a passion for massage at a young age and enjoys helping people shred stress and relax through the gift of massage. She is skilled in many types of massage and prefers mixing styles to provide customized care for her clients.
Signature 1, Deep Tissue, Injury, Sports
Cranial, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone

Gerardo B.

Northwest Career College 2018
Gerardo's main goal is to make a difference in people's everyday life by aiding their physical recovery and maintenance. He wants to deliver every client the quality massage that he would want to receive for himself. He is focused on helping people by applying his knowledge of anatomy and physiology in every session.
Sports Massage and Deep Tissue.
Medical Massage, Injury/Rehab Massage.

Aryah F.

European Massage Therapy School 2020
Aryah's personal belief is that massage is not only a physical healer, but a mental one as well. "Stress and emotions are represented and held in the muscles. Once your muscles get a chance to relax and be treated, you will see your mental state improve and stress levels decrease." Her main goal is to grow in her knowledge and continue to apply the latest theories, practices and techniques into every session and see her clients visibly improve after every visit.
Swedish Massage and Hot stones.
Cranial Sacral, Abdominal, Trigger Point.

Symone S.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2017
After seeing massage help relieve the symptoms of a medical condition for a family member, Symone was inspired to become a massage therapist. She blends Swedish, trigger point, and some deep tissue to heal in a relaxing manner.
Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger Point
Sciatic Massage, Trigger Point, Reflexolog

Nuvia G.

Northwest Career College 2018
Nuvia’s holistic massage eases aches and pains while reducing stress and anxiety. After seeing the impact that every session has on her clients, she is further encouraged to strive to be better, work harder, and continue to provide each and every guest the best massage experience possible.
Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Signature 1
Sciatic Massage, Trigger Point

Oriana B.

European Massage Therapy School 2020
Oriana began her journey in the massage industry to help people on their path to healing. Her priority is listening to her client’s wants and needs, treating every body with patience and kindness.
Signature 1, Swedish
Trigger Point

Arely L.

European Massage Therapy School 2020
Deep Tissue and Prenatal.
Hot Stones.

Lucy W.

Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy 2013
Lucy has been a Massage Therapist for 8 years, she focuses on blending Eastern philosophies and techniques with Western science practices to create a blended, practical, Holistic Practice. For her, every massage is catered to each client’s specific needs and is a combination of gentle therapeutic touch, stretching, compressions, and breathing exercises.
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports
Trigger Point, Stretching, Prenatal

Taylor B.

Northwest Career College 2019
Taylor is interested in exploring the stress relieving benefits of massage and became a massage therapist to help others maintain their pain and anxiety. Taylor enjoys creating a sense of calm and serenity during a session.
Trigger Point, Swedish, Deep Tissue
Hot Stone, Prenatal, Trigger Point

Jodi E.

Other 2014
Jodi is a skilled Massage Therapist in numerous modalities. She is focused on healthcare and that was one of the main reasons that lead her to become a Massage Therapist, knowing that she can help her clients have a healthier life after each session by aiding them in relaxation, applying her anatomical knowledge and utilizing effective techniques.
Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.
Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal and Medical.

Angelina R.

Other 2010
Stretching and Trigger Point.
Chair Massage.

Brittney W.

Cortiva Institute 2019
Brittney W. became a therapist because she was always fascinated with massage and how effective it is. After a session with Brittney, you will notice the releasing and relaxing of specific areas of the body and the body as a whole, that will help in the long run.
Fibromyalgia Massage, Signature 1 Massage
Trigger Point, Stretching, Injury Massage

Betty A.

Northwest Career College 2014
Betty is a skilled massage therapist that enjoys working in a variety of different modalities. Betty likes to help clients reach their therapeutic goals and most enjoys performing massages that focus on blood flow and circulation.
Deep Tissue, Sports, Signature 1
Hot Stone, Scar Tissue Reduction, Sports

Julia V.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2010
Prenatal, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue.
Cupping, Reflexology, Medical/Injury.

Chris J.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2012
Chris is inspired by his family to push himself each day to be a better therapist than he was the day before. Knowing the benefits massage can give not only physically but mentally as well, he believes if everyone had a massage regularly the world would be a better place.
Signature 1, Deep Tissue, Stretching
Sports Massage, Injury, Trigger Point

Kimberly R.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2015
Kimberly was inspired to become a massage therapist after seeing the pride her sister had in being one. She believes the numerous benefits of massage can help anyone in any way. She loves helping people in a holistic way.
Signature 1, Swedish, Deep Tissue
Trigger Point, Injury, Structural

Brittany M.

Northwest Career College 2019
Brittany originally became a massage therapist to help those around her. She is skilled in many modalities, but most enjoys performing massages that have an emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction.
Stress Reduction, Signature 1, Swedish
Signature 1, Swedish, Deep Tissue

Shannon B.

Other 1999
Prenatal and Deep Tissue.
Prenatal, Medical and Hot Stones.

Brenda B.

Cortiva Institute 2018
Brenda has always enjoyed being in the healthcare industry, originally as a chiropractor assistant before becoming a massage therapist. Brenda enjoys performing a variety of massage techniques with a focus on pain and stress relief.
Signature 1, Swedish, Deep Tissue
Hot Stone, Cupping, Swedish

Angel B.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2012
Angel goal is to focus on everyone's needs with a therapeutic healing touch. She likes to listen and customize every session according to her clients needs, what she enjoys the most is noticing the progress on them after every session.
Cranial Sacral, Trigger Point.

Tirso G.

European Massage Therapy School 2022
Deep Tissue.
Cupping and Hot Stones.