Tirso G.

European Massage Therapy School 2022
Tirso, known as 'T', found his passion for caring for others, leading him to choose Massage Therapy as his career. Inspired by his own wellness journey in sports and the significant improvements he achieved, he decided to specialize and continually learn various techniques to assist his clients in reaching their wellness goals. His primary objective is to witness improvement in each client after every session and tailor each session to meet the individual needs of his clients.
Deep Tissue. Cupping, Sports Massage.
Cupping and Hot Stones.

Zach U.

Other 2014
Zach was inspired to become a massage therapist through his personal journey as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He wanted to aid others and share the improvements he experienced through massage therapy. He believes this combination is crucial for athletic enhancement. His primary focus lies in pain relief, flexibility, and alleviating soreness. Zach also emphasizes that while massage is a significant factor, there are many others essential for reaching and maintaining health and wellness

Gelline G.

Other 2021
Gelline is passionate about maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle and is dedicated to assisting her clients in achieving the same goal. Drawing from techniques that have personally benefited her, she aims to empower her clients toward wellness after every session. Witnessing the tangible results and transformations in her clients serves as her greatest inspiration to persist on this path. Additionally, she is committed to continual growth by adding new specialties to her repertoire
Deep Tissue, Cupping, Trigger point.
Cupping, Sugar Scrubs.

Lauren D.

Other 1996
Lauren always wanted a career that involved helping others. She chose to pursue Massage Therapist as her career. She loves the results of helping people feel better in one session, and she is on the path of learning new specialties and modalities. She loves seeing improvements in the range of motion and quality of life of her regular clients.
Deep Tissue, Trigger point,Pain Management
Cupping, Scrubs, Medical Massage.

Gerardo B.

Northwest Career College 2018
Gerardo's main goal is to make a difference in people's everyday life by aiding their physical recovery and maintenance. He wants to deliver every client the quality massage that he would want to receive for himself. He is focused on helping people by applying his knowledge of anatomy and physiology in every session.
Sports Massage and Deep Tissue.
Medical Massage, Injury/Rehab Massage.

Rosie M.

Northwest Career College 2018
Rosie loves being able to provide others with self-confidence and became a massage therapist to do just that. She enjoys working with clients to improve their self care routine and help them feel like their best self.
Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone
Prenatal, Hot Stone, Abdominal

Brittany M.

Northwest Career College 2019
Brittany originally became a massage therapist to help those around her. She is skilled in many modalities, but most enjoys performing massages that have an emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction.
Stress Reduction, Signature 1, Swedish
Signature 1, Swedish, Deep Tissue

Brenda B.

Cortiva Institute 2018
Brenda has always enjoyed being in the healthcare industry, originally as a chiropractor assistant before becoming a massage therapist. Brenda enjoys performing a variety of massage techniques with a focus on pain and stress relief.
Signature 1, Swedish, Deep Tissue
Hot Stone, Cupping, Swedish

Julia V.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2010
Julia has long been inspired by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and chose to pursue Massage Therapy to assist others in achieving this goal. Her primary objective is to alleviate her clients' pain and promote relaxation after each session. With over a decade of experience in guiding clients through massage therapy, she remains committed to continual learning and refining her techniques to deliver optimal results with every session. The tangible results she witnesses in her clients at the conclusion of each session are her driving force to continue in this fulfilling career
Prenatal, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue.
Cupping, Reflexology, Medical/Injury.

Cesar C.

Nevada School of Massage Therapy 2017
Cesar C. became a massage therapist after experiencing its benefits firsthand. His passion for jiu-jitsu led him to specialize in sports massage and Deep Tissue therapy. Cesar personalizes every session to meet his clients' specific needs, believing that Deep Tissue massage shouldn't be painful. By blending various techniques, he ensures each session is both relaxing and effective. The progress he sees in his clients motivates him to continue on this journey.
Deep Tissue, Stretching, Trigger Point.
Cupping, Hot Stones, Trigger Point.

Angelina R.

Other 2010
Angelina is an experienced Massage Therapist who embarked on her journey by mastering techniques in both Chair and Table Massage. She takes pride in personalizing each client's massage, understanding that everyone deserves to be heard and addressing the root causes of their pain. Angelina firmly believes that every session has the potential to provide not only physical relief but also emotional relaxation
Stretching and Trigger Point.
Chair Massage.

Brittney W.

Cortiva Institute 2019
Brittney W. became a therapist because she was always fascinated with massage and how effective it is. After a session with Brittney, you will notice the releasing and relaxing of specific areas of the body and the body as a whole, that will help in the long run.
Fibromyalgia Massage, Signature 1 Massage
Trigger Point, Stretching, Injury Massage

Will N.

Northwest Career College 2021
Deep Tissue , Trigger point.

Gabriela C.

European Massage Therapy School 2022
Gabriela C. is a dedicated and skilled massage therapist who began her journey in Kinesiology before transitioning to Massage Therapy. She is attentive to each client's needs, specializing in Deep Tissue massage. Gabriela takes pride in the progress her clients make after each session, using a variety of techniques to promote wellness and comfort for everyone she treats.
Deep Tissue, Cupping, Sports Massage.
Sciatic Massage, Cupping, Hot Stones.

Ana C.

Other 2018
Ana was inspired by her parents to pursue this profession. She believes that with each session, improvement is possible, viewing Massage Therapy as a valuable tool for self-care, relaxation, and calmness. Her goal is to enhance her clients' joint mobility and flexibility by continuously learning new techniques
Swedish Massage, Stretching, Prenatal.
Hot Stones, Abdominal Massage, Scar Tissue

Nuvia G.

Northwest Career College 2018
Nuvia’s holistic massage eases aches and pains while reducing stress and anxiety. After seeing the impact that every session has on her clients, she is further encouraged to strive to be better, work harder, and continue to provide each and every guest the best massage experience possible.
Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Signature 1
Sciatic Massage, Trigger Point

Lorena M.

European Massage Therapy School 2023
Swedish Massage, Stretching, Prenatal.

Kirk M.

Northwest Career College 2006
Kirk loves being a massage therapist as it allows him to interact with a variety of different people and help them with their pain or discomfort. Kirk is skilled in many modalities. His strength lies in deep tissue and working out knots and tightness.
Signature 1, Swedish, Deep Tissue
Abdominal, Swedish, Deep Tissue