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Signature Pricing: 1 Hour Massage Always Just $59.99!

Good for any standard massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, or Sports Massage.


Massage 1 offers signature low prices to all our clients with no memberships or contracts ever needed to take advantage of our services. Our pricing structure is easy to follow and services are grouped into three primary categories for your convenience: standard massages, specialty massages, and add-ons. For more information on each specific service, click on any massage type below.


Standard Massages are the popular massages that most clients are familiar with. They range from the famous Swedish Massage to favorites such as Deep Tissue or our Signature 1 service. They offer some of our most popular choices and are available starting from the very low price of $59.99 for a full hour.

Specialty Massages are more luxurious massage types that clients may pamper themselves with. They cost more than our standard massages because they require additional tools, techniques, and training above and beyond standard massage. Specialty massages are only performed by certified therapists.

Add-Ons are additional services that you can add to any massage to enhance your overall experience. They are a great value as they are priced at a flat fee regardless of massage length. Currently we only offer aromatherapy as an add-on, but additional services are coming soon.


Memberships are now available based on client requests. Our membership program is completely optional and is available for any client who would like to come on a more regular basis. Clients do not need to sign up to receive our signature low prices. Unlike our competitors who force you to join or pay ridiculous prices, our signature pricing is available to everyone. If you would like more information about our membership program, please click here.


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