Program Overview

Massage 1 offers a great rewards program for all of our clients. Every time a client visits Massage 1, he or she automatically earns loyalty rewards points based on the service that they receive. A standard 1 hour massage earns 2 points. Specialty massages and longer sessions earn even more. For a full list of services and their corresponding point values, please refer to the chart on the right.

Enrollment in our rewards program is automatic. Chances are that if you have already visited Massage 1, you already have points! Points are as good as dollars and can be redeemed for most services that Massage 1 offers. Since a standard 1 hour massage with us costs $80 ($79.99 rounded up), you need to accrue 80 points to receive this service for free. Points may also be redeemed for minor services (such as add-ons) for as little as $10, or major services (such as 2 hour massages) for $140+. You can redeem your points as often as you wish, but you must have enough points to cover the service price that you are redeeming them for.

You can also earn bonus points in a variety of ways. Rebooking during checkout, referring friends and family, and sharing your bookings and check-ins on social media are just some of the ways you can earn extra points.

In the end, if you take advantage of all the ways to earn points, you can earn many free perks very quickly. If you have any questions about our rewards program, feel free to contact us. Book a massage now and start earning points today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to sign up and start earning points?
Nothing! All clients who visit Massage 1 earn points in our rewards program automatically. Every time you checkout with us, additional points are earned. If you want to be able to view your points easily, create an account when you book an appointment online.

How do I find out how many points I have?
If you an account with us from booking online, you can login to your account and view your points from the “My Account” tab. If you don’t have an account, you can always sign up! Rewards Points are also listed on your water bottle each time you checkout. If all else fails, you can also give us a call or ask us in person how many points you have.

Is the number of points reflected on the checkout screen accurate?
Yes. The number of rewards points shown on the screen when you checkout is the total number of points you have accrued prior to your current visit. It does not include points that you may be earning that day.

I’ve got points, how do I use them?
It’s simple! The next time you visit us and checkout, just tell us that you’d like to apply your Rewards Points to your service. As long as you have enough points to cover your service, your visit is FREE.

Why do I have less points than I expected?
Our point values are based on our full signature service prices. Points are awarded at checkout automatically based on the dollar amount that the client actually pays. For example, a 1 hour massage costs $69.99 which in turn earns 2 points. A 90 minute massage costs $99.99 which earns 3 points, etc. If you used a coupon or discount for your service, you most likely did not earn the full points for that service. In addition, if you redeemed a gift card or prepaid massage benefit, the actual dollar amount you paid at checkout for that service is $0, which means that no points are earned for that massage.

What if I’m part of a group or a couples massage?
Groups and couples massages still earn points, but only the primary or paying customer accrues them. Instead of both clients receiving points, the primary client (usually the one who is listed first) is credited with the points for the whole group. For example, instead of each client receiving 2 points for a 1 hour massage in a group or couples appointment, the primary client instead received 4 points and the secondary client 0. Points can always be manually transferred if necessary, but if each person in your group wants to earn points automatically, you have to checkout and pay separately.

Do members still receive rewards points?
Yes, however members usually accrue points more slowly than non-members. As stated above, points are earned at checkout based on how much the client pays for their service. When a member redeems a prepaid massage credit, they are actually paying $0 for that service on that day. As a result, no points or accrued. In addition, when members come in for additional massages at their discounted rate, they are not paying the full signature service prices. In those cases, they receive the proportional amount of points to what they paid for that additional service. Members also do not receive double rewards points on rebooked appointments as they receive a pricing discount instead.

How does the double point bonus work for rebooked appointments?
Any regular client can earn double rewards points when they rebook their next appointment at checkout. It must be done in person and does not count for appointments rebooked online or over the phone. Once rebooked, you are allowed to make changes to the date or time of the appointment if necessary. As long you are only rescheduling and not cancelling the appointment, you will still earn double points. Double points are awarded after you attend and checkout from your rebooked appointment.


Earn points automatically each time you visit Massage 1. A list of how many points each service earns is available below.


Earn DOUBLE points on any of the above values when you rebook your next appointment at checkout!



Points are as good as dollars and can be redeemed for most services Massage 1 offers. A point list is available below.

Free Add-On (Aroma, Scrub, DMR, etc…)

Upgrade to Specialty Massage

Upgrade to 90 Minute Massage

Free 1 Hour Standard Massage

Free 1 Hour Specialty Massage

Free 90 Minute Standard Massage

Free 90 Minute Specialty Massage

Free 2 Hour Standard Massage


Login to your Massage 1 account to view Rewards Points instantly. If you’ve already been to Massage 1 but don’t yet have an account, just sign up and your points will automatically be added to your profile!