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May 01
We know therapeutic massage in general has many health benefits for the mind and body, but massage therapy during pregnancy can be just as beneficial, if not even more, for both the mom to be and baby. Studies have shown that prenatal massages have helped reduce anxiety and depression, relieve low back and joint pains,...

Feb 26
Lavender essential oil is the most popular of all the oils, having a plethora of benefits and uses.  It is the most versatile of the bunch.  So what exactly can lavender do? With its mild floral scent, Lavender is widely known for its relaxation properties helping to calm the mind and reduce metal stress and...

Nov 21
Do you know the differences and benefits between hot and cold therapy?  We sometimes recommend our clients to apply ice or heat after their massage sessions to help alleviate any pain from sore muscles or injuries they have.  Depending on the condition, hot and cold treatments can help immensely in the recovery and healing process....

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 by
Dec 06
Winter is coming and if you live in Las Vegas, the dry and cold weather can sometimes be a little unforgiving and chill right to the bone.  Massage therapy helps to keep you blood pumping and your muscles relaxed, but why not enjoy the added benefits of a Hot Stone massage this winter season? Hot...

Jun 08
Did you know that an estimated 4%-5% of the general population suffer from chronic headaches? Chronic headaches are one of the most common complaints made to healthcare practitioners every year. And although medication is a proven way to help treat and prevent headaches, good health and lifestyle choices can also help reduce the frequency and severity of...

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