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June 27, 2019

My first visit to Massage 1 was fantastic! I was greeted with a warm welcome, offered bottled water, and promptly called back for my massage. Rina was very attentive to my needs and did a wonderful job. I rebooked and can't wait to go again!

June 27, 2019

I am ecstatic the Centennial Hills location is back open and I once again get to have a fantastic massage by Alyssa.

Mark Schmid
June 26, 2019

I had an appointment with today for a 90 minute massage. All the therapists have been excellent, however Natalie was awesome. It was the best massage I've had in some time. I've already booked another appointment. I'm so happy the Centennial location is back up and running.

Cody Stratton
June 26, 2019

Brittany gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. I went in for a massage just to relax but she was able to find knots and tense areas I didn’t even know existed. I was still able to relax and felt great after my session was done. The massage bed was heated which was nice and soothing.

Chris Banks
June 24, 2019

I must say, I've been going to another Massage business for over 10 years. The entire process, especially the online booking feature, was effortless and efficient. The added plus was my therapist.... so skilled and so pleasant. As Arnold use to say, "I'll be back!"

Monica Fairbanks
June 24, 2019

Christie was great. She made sure that I was always comfortable and satisfied.

MicHeal Ragan
June 22, 2019

Everything was great... 111% pleased. I worked with a newer therapist, George M. Based on just him, I feel confident recommending Massage 1 to any1 and every1 looking for massage to relax, recuperate, rejuvenate. Coming from Sedona AZ, where body, mind and spirit are such a focus... I'm thrilled to find George and Massage 1 here in Henderson. All the Thumbs way UP.

Amanda Bzdak
June 22, 2019

Brittany was amazing. She made sure to spend adequate time on each area. Will definitely go back to see her.

Chris G.
June 21, 2019

Rina did a wonderful job on my sore shoulder. She listened to what I said and really was able to loosen up my muscles and untie my knots! I will return for another massage with Rina. Thank you.

Steven Botello
June 21, 2019

Just had a much needed and well executed massage. Taylor @ Massage 1 has amazing techniques and helped my aching neck and shoulders immensely. I haven't had a massage in years and I just rebooked my next appointment for next month. I am a Fan and will be a regular at Massage 1!

June 21, 2019

Visiting for work from the UK, I have been suffering with lower back pain which has severely affected my ability to do my job. What a difference Christina was able to make with just a 1 hour session. I will certainly be visiting again before my return to the UK, and I can't thank Christina and Massage 1 highly enough.

Elissa Narvaez
June 19, 2019

Thank you to Christina M. for an AMAZING massage and to Massage 1 for always taking care of their clients.

Christopher C Archibald
June 19, 2019

Natalie T. was my therapist and she was fantastic. She really focused on problem areas and also gave some advice to help in the future.

James Hill
June 17, 2019

The massage was great and relaxing. Taylor was great and very professional. Will return.

Jessica Lopez
June 16, 2019

Martha was very knowledgeable and thorough. I had a wonderful massage. Very happy.

Diane Boland
June 16, 2019

Better than par. Excellent! I had taken a bad fall, including 3rd & 4th degree burns. I had Alyssa do 1.5 hr vs. 1 hr & it was worth every glorious bit. Extra relaxing, extra time to pray/meditate. She has such a gift in her hands. Did not touch any of the painful areas, but smoothed around them so they would not feel neglected. I love that towel under my neck!! Much gratitude!!!

Ray Barker
June 14, 2019

Amazing! Alyssa C. has what it takes!! I left Massage 1 feeling like I was in a different world. THANK YOU!

Peggy Bernath
June 13, 2019

Korinna gave me an excellent massage.She listened to my concerns and exceeded all my expectations. I will be booking another app. with her soon.

June 13, 2019

If I could give 10 stars to Kylie, I would. After my old and amazing masseuse moved, nobody has come close ...until today! I have found my new masseuse!! I had hip and ribcage pain and I am feeling SO much better! I feel like I can get back to my training now-thanks to Kylie! Also, I'd like to mention the very kind Liz who is always so professional and efficient. Her customer service is tops! Can't wait to get back for my next massage!!

Tom Roberts
June 13, 2019

Kylie was terrific! A very gifted massage therapist, kind and professional. I am converting my massage needs to Kylie and Massage 1.

June 8, 2019

Christina gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I asked her to focus on my sore legs but in a medium pressure, not deep tissue painful kind of way. Her pressure and technique was like she could read my mind. It was the most relaxing and satisfying sessions plus my legs felt so much better. I can’t wait to go back to her again!

Julie Magana
June 8, 2019

Mary, my massage therapist was wonderful. She was kind, professional, listened to what I was looking for as far as massage pressure and relief, and did such a great job I was falling asleep. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would recommend and will return to see her again.

John Latini
June 7, 2019

I have been a getting massages for quite a while and this place is first rate for the money. Its safe, clean and the therapists actually know what they are doing. My personal choice is Alyssa because she is well organized and does a balanced full body massage.

June 5, 2019

OMG!!! I was very pleased with Symone's work! I’m clapping and applauding with an standing ovation. Massage 1, she is awesome. I recommend her to everyone who needs a great stretch and massage. Symone knows her work and she will make you feel brand new! I’m glad I was referred to go to her at the Henderson branch. The setting is everything. I was quite comfortable due to the great experience. I’m ready to come back and be treated like a Queen.

Sandra Hashimoto
June 5, 2019

Kylie did some great neck and foot work on this last massage. I appreciate her professionalism and friendliness.

James Iverson
July 21, 2018

This is my first time at Massage 1 and wanted to give the place a try after seeing the raving reviews on Google. I am definitely impressed and will make this establishment my go-to place for massages. I didn't feel rushed and the quality of service is definitely there! I will recommend this place for friends and family and will be returning again!

July 20, 2018

As I walk through the door, I’m greeted by Josh who is always pleasant and welcoming. At my last visit, he said it seems like I’ve been coming to Massage 1 for a year and felt he’s known me for a while. It was my third visit. What a kind statement.
Now to the heart of the matter, my massage by Kaitlyn. I am very lucky to have found her and wish I could afford one weekly. She knows exactly where my problem areas are, uses the right amount of pressure and leaves me wanting more.
As always, I look forward to my next visit which I plan to continue monthly.

Craig Bechard
July 19, 2018

Melanie is the best! I had more kinks and aches than ever and she gave it her all. I felt bad that she had to work so hard to get in deep enough but her response was, "no problem, it's my job"! Thanks again Melanie!

Sal Parascando
July 16, 2018

As always happy and healthier after a 90 minute session. Rubi is great. Actually the entire staff is amazing. No bull pricing or forcing memberships on you. Upfront prices.

July 14, 2018

Nice environment, great music, competitive price and excellent massages. A must for me.


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