Optional Memberships are Back!

Would you like to come in multiple times per month? Then our optional membership program is for you. Get additional massages as low as $49.99 when you join our on-demand membership program anytime you checkout.

You asked for it and we have delivered! Massage 1 created our membership program to meet the demands of our clients who wanted to get massage on a more regular basis. We listened to client feedback and created a program that would give benefits similar to our competitors but would still not require clients to commit to any long term contracts. This club is specifically tailored for clients who come at least once a month, and offers discounts for those who come more often.

Our new membership program blows our competitors away! You are now in full control of your membership. You only signup and pay when its convenient for you. You’re never locked into automatic charges or having to cancel and lose your perks. If you get massage about once a month or less, this program is probably not for you. But for those who come in more than once a month, it does offer some nice perks that you’ll be able to take advantage of.

Pay a flat rate of $19.99 anytime you checkout to begin your enrollment. From that point on, all additional massages you receive for the next 30 days will then be discounted! All weekday 1 hour massages are discounted to $49.99, and weekend 1 hour massages are just $59.99. Discounts are available on longer sessions as well. Please visit our Membership page for full pricing information.

Joining our membership program is completely optional. We do not force our clients to sign up for a membership to enjoy our signature low rates. The program was created because of client demand, and is meant as an optional benefit for clients who choose to use it. While other businesses pressure their clients to join their program or pay outrageous costs, members pay the same rate that for their first massage of the month that non-members pay anytime. We will never require memberships to take advantage of our signature low prices.