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Lavender: The Most Popular Essential Oil

by / Monday, 26 February 2018 / Published in Massage
Feb 26

Lavender essential oil is the most popular of all the oils, having a plethora of benefits and uses.  It is the most versatile of the bunch.  So what exactly can lavender do?

With its mild floral scent, Lavender is widely known for its relaxation properties helping to calm the mind and reduce metal stress and anxiety.  Applying a couple drops topically on the temples of your forehead and back of neck can help treat headaches as well as motion sickness.  It is also used to treat insomnia and soothe various skin irritations such as itching, inflammation, minor sunburns and rashes.  Diffusing lavender essential oil creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, so you can use it at bedtime to promote a restful sleep.  Bonus tip? Rub a couple drops on the bottom of your feet or back of your neck to help you sleep better.  Suffering from muscle aches?  Apply a few lavender drops to a carrier oil or lotion and massage the sprained areas to relieve sore and tired muscles.

Not only does lavender have its health benefits for the body, it also has numerous beneficial uses for around the home.  Lavender is a natural air deodorizer that can get rid of foul odors and smells.  Create your own fresh linen spray by adding a few drops with water in a spray bottle.  Use it to freshen up pillows, towels, and sheets throughout your home.  Add a couple drops to fabric softener sheets before placing in the dryer and your clean clothes will have a nice refreshing scent!

Shopping Tip: When purchasing lavender essential oil, or any essential oil for that matter, make sure to read the label.  High quality essential oils usually lists its botanical name, including testing information, origin, and expiration date.  Look for organic, or 100% pure, and the cost.  Good quality oils don’t usually run cheap!

As you can see, Lavender essential oil has many great uses.  Use it to help relax your mind and body, and promote both a natural and healthy lifestyle!

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