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Apr 11
It’s Spring Cleaning time! And what better (and easier) way to tackle those cleaning tasks than with Lemon essential oil!  Lemon essential oil is probably one of the most powerful natural cleansers and disinfectants with its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.  It’s a cleanser without any of the toxic and harmful chemicals found in other household...

Mar 09
Hello March! Winter is winding down and spring is in first bloom.  Green is everywhere with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Saturday, March 17.  To celebrate we’re going green with some fun facts about Peppermint essential oil and sharing a great recipe for a Peppermint Sugar Scrub to help you relax,...

Feb 26
Lavender essential oil is the most popular of all the oils, having a plethora of benefits and uses.  It is the most versatile of the bunch.  So what exactly can lavender do? With its mild floral scent, Lavender is widely known for its relaxation properties helping to calm the mind and reduce metal stress and...

Jan 02
The harsh, cold winter season can dry up your skin, but these three tropical butters are the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.  Tropical butters are rich in natural vitamins and fatty acids.  They work to heal, smooth, and renew skin.  Check them out and hydrate your skin the natural way!  ...

Nov 21
Do you know the differences and benefits between hot and cold therapy?  We sometimes recommend our clients to apply ice or heat after their massage sessions to help alleviate any pain from sore muscles or injuries they have.  Depending on the condition, hot and cold treatments can help immensely in the recovery and healing process....

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